The Latest Trends In The Art Of Selling To The New Consumer

new ways to sellWhat most claim is that the old methods of selling merchandise to the masses no longer work. That one must adapt or perish. That the traditional ways of the previous systems are no longer valid. So new methods need to be adopted in this age of the informed consumer.

Most claim that the high pressure, my way or the highway sales tactics are forever gone, lost and can never be used again. That the convenience which is technology, has leveled the playing field, and replaced the once annoying and persistent sales person.

There are no claims however, that any type of advanced technology can ever replace salesmen, especially the influential ones. There’s still a need for that human emotional connection to transfer the sale of goods.

The Art Of The New Selling Methods
Sales will always be sales, as influence, information, the explanation of benefits, the slight arm twisting are still all needed when selling goods.

There’s no super advance computer or eCommerce site, no mobile device or any other type of technology, which can replace an informed convincing salesperson.

The traditional evergreen selling tactics still exists, this when selling freight liners to costume jewelry, which as been tweaked and refined to suit the more informed knowledgeable consumer, who’s willing to buy.

There are some core principles which has been upgraded, the latest methods on the art of the sale, transferred to modern times, as profit isn’t realized until something is sold.

Selling Is Still Selling
The origins and the principles of selling still remain the same. A salesperson still needs to represent something that they are truly passionate about. If they’re not, then it shows in their sales pitch that they don’t genuinely believe in the product.

Whats then not understood are the benefits of the product and how it can help the consumer. If the salesperson doesn’t see the products value, then how can they sell it. The key is to stop selling and begin helping the needs of others.

Get To Know The Consumer
Don’t just show and tell the prospect how the product you’re selling works, but instead explain how it can help them. How it can make their life easier while justifying the price and perceiving its value.

Learn about the challenges that they’re facing. Learn about their current situation, their families and their health. Learn about their hobbies and what they like to do, while making sense on how you can make their lives easier.

If you know that your client is busy in the afternoons and on the weekends, or they’re an early bird person, then set up a breakfast meeting at 7AM on Friday morning.

Make sure that you’re on time, confirm by phone the day before, and then reconfirm by text an hour before the meeting.

This sincerity of doing what you promised and following through, will place you in a whole new light. Become an authentic clone of your client. Become and know who they are.

Understanding Your Audience
What needs to be understood is selling a car to a CEO, is different from selling a car to the mail room clerk. They have different objectives, budgets, and reasons for buying a car.

This doesn’t mean that you should have more respect for one but not the other, as it should be the same. It’s more about tailoring your approach to what’s important to them.

You need to connect with them in a distinctly different manner, communicate with them to reach their magic “buy” buttons in different ways. You need to connect with authentically.


You don’t need to drastically alter who you are to become a sales chameleon. What different circumstances requires are different versions of you. So there’s a need to blend in, while still keeping your true core values.

Be Persistent Not Annoying
It’s known that fifty percent of all sales people don’t bother to follow up after they meet a new prospect, thinking that they lost the sale. So the key is to always follow up, even if it’s just to thank them for their time.

If you think that you’re bothering them or feel you’re being a nuisance, then let them know. “John, I hope me thanking you for our meeting isn’t bothering you, but…” What doing so will knock down barriers, show that you care while clearing the air.

What clients who showed interest expects and respects is someone who’s persistent and consistent. It’s also just as important to keep in contact with them once you get the sale.

Sell Soft Not Hard
The art of the soft sell is a refined model which needs to be mastered over time. The days of the aggressive, do it my way or else, arm twisting “hard” selling methods are long gone.

Everyone now does their own product research and know what they want, this thanks to the Internet. So your role is to further educate them with the latest product or industry information. Connect with them by showing you’re genuine, someone who can be trusted.

Never come across as appearing desperate or in a frantic need for their business. Keep in mind that they need to feel they need you, and not the other way around, so create that hunger.

The Principles Of Modern Selling
These principles remain the foundation of excellent fundamental selling in any era you’re in. Greatness however comes with a sacrifice. You need to ask yourself how bad you want to succeed in selling, this because anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy.

Selling is the hardest way to make an easy living. If it’s easy, then everyone would be doing it. The key is to never give up, be persistent, work hard, and believe in your product.

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