The New And Improved Ways Of Acquiring More Online Customers

ways to increase online salesThe race to find new customers for your product or service, while attempting to create distance from your competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and a daunting one. This because there’s a constant stream of new innovative marketing methods being developed.

So to move forward and gain traction, you need to be stealth. The online marketing landscape is a forever moving target, which shape shifts at an increasingly rapid pace. All while, the consumers are becoming more aware of these marketing tactics.

So new methods of execution needs to be developed, this to stay ahead of the pack. This includes better SEO, improved content marketing, innovative social media marketing.

So by applying concerted effort while using the power of technology, this allows marketers to stay ahead of the curve.

Give Away Free Training
Online training is a hot commodity as e-learning is now a multi-billion dollar industry. The ease of execution, the ease of reaching targeted consumers provides a perfect alignment of information transfer.

If there’s a need in the market to resolve an issue, smart marketers are offering to solve the problem online for free. Those who are targeted and interested to learn are jumping on in droves.

What this opens up is an opportunity for you to produce your own free online course on a sought after subject, this as a precursor, which can then be funneled towards selling a product or service solution.

Free Apps And Software
What the world loves is free stuff, such as free apps and software to make their life easier. It could also be a free trial or a limited or scaled back product. Vendors are giving away free software, this to create interest on a future paid product.

Make sure the app or software solves an immediate problem. What giving away product does is opens a gateway for attracting targeted qualified leads, or to grow a mailing list.

The only setback is that the cost of the app or software development can become expensive, but usually well worth it.

Making It Go Viral
What everyone wants is their product to go viral, as it spreads like wildfire based on word of mouth, as everyone wants access to what you’re offering. What happens is they’ll tell a certain number of their friends or will share online, and they’ll do the same.

The online video game industry has perfected this technique. The user downloads and begins playing their free game, and once they reach a certain point, the hook is they need to invite other players for them to continue to play.

This technique is found to work incredibly well, and it doesn’t annoy the user. This method can also be used to give away and grow apps and software.

The Need To Retarget
Retargeting has been around for a while because it’s been proven to work. Yet, there are just a handful of marketers who are willing to make the few tweaks it needs for it to activate. Most just won’t bother to budget for retargeting.

It’s known is that the click-through rates for retargeted ads, can be up to 10 times higher than traditional display ads.

Those who are retargeted, 70% of them are more likely to take action. The end result is with initial targeting, retargeting can lead to higher conversions.

With retargeting being so effective, it becomes a no-brainer strategy for your potential customer, who may be caught somewhere in your marketing funnel, as it can push them to convert.


Interruption Marketing
This involves using popups and popunder ads. This type of advertising is usually used for free utility downloads, surveys, cross selling, upsells, social sharing. Also don’t forget to insert your retargeting pixel.

What’s been proven is that popups do work and are inexpensive. If you’re not using popups because you think they’re annoying, then you’re losing conversions.

Hosting Online Webinars
Offering free webinars has proven to be excellent, and it’s only growing stronger. A webinar is a free online seminar which is usually held live, where you invite targeted viewers to listen to you give an online presentation on a relevant topic.

Once a user attends the webinar by donating their time, the engagement is usually excellent. What’s known is that the attendee will stay for an average of 54 minutes. They’ll also interact and participate in polls, chats, Q&A, and they will convert.

Increase urgency by capping registration or give a time limit for sign-ups, which drives up attendance. Then give the attendees your best pitch. Webinars are inexpensive to produce, where your presentation skills does the selling.

Create A Facebook Group
What people love is to feel exclusive, such as “invite only” Facebook groups. These groups are a source of inspiration, commonality, motivation, friendship, and exclusive learning.

Because of Facebook’s declining organic reach, what many savvy marketers are doing is using Facebook groups as their premier method of engaging with their users.

Facebook groups have automatic reach, as users will usually receive a notification once someone posts in the group. These groups are a safe and reliable haven for engagement and activity.

Once nurtured, these groups can become sizzling marketing funnels. Although it takes time and effort to gain their trust, the payback can be enormous.

To Grow Forward
Although these marketing methods aren’t anything new or particularly groundbreaking, the fact remains that they’re currently the most effective.

Any online marketing strategy matures quickly, as they can become saturated or annoying. So the key becomes staying ahead of the curve, this by developing new and improved ways to outsmart the competition.

All that’s required is that you take action, and initially expect to fail. Begin by trying out these various methods, then test, tweak, or try something completely different.

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