Top 10 Ways To Make A Good First Impression

What we often see are certain individuals who are always cool calm and collected, and wonder how they can be so. They carry themselves with grace, which makes their aura glow.

They’re someone everyone wants to be, and someone everybody want’s to be with. That’s their first impression, which can be difficult to forgot and remains intact.

It becomes vital for yourself to mindfully create the best impression you can, which will become permanently imprinted in memory.

Making a good first impression involves being mindfully aware of knowing how to handle any type of life situation.

10. Always Smile

What a simple natural smile can do is change any bad situation around. Make sure it’s genuine, one that shows you’re warm and inviting and not phony.

A smile will instantly inject a better outlook while also making you feel more confident. A smile will start a conversation as people will gravitate towards you.

Once you make others feel comfortable, they’ll automatically talk more. A smile is capable of turning an embarrassing situation or silence around.

9. Appear Confident

Always be confident when first meeting someone, which creates a great aura around you. What it does is attracts people towards you.

Confidence is that magical positive energy which illuminates and becomes viral.

Being overconfident however, just annoys. Just be confident enough to be likeable, that you’re attentive and willing to give your best effort.

Optimism is the key to confidence. Constantly meeting new people and experiencing different environments is the best way to get accustomed to your confidence.

8. Make Eye Contact

Once you meet someone for the first time, the natural reaction is look at them, so make sure you make brief eye contact without glaring.

If you don’t look at someone, they may take that as an insult. You’ll come across as someone who’s dishonest, aloof or can’t be trusted.

When in a group setting, try making eye contact to who you’re speaking with, which shows respect and loyalty.

You’ll make a good first impression which solidifies your character when you make eye contact, even momentarily.

7. Don’t Be Aloof

Always be friendly, be open and never hesitate to greet someone new. Feeling shy, aloof and twitching makes everyone feel uncomfortable.


Attempt to overcome your social anxiety by meeting new people, and constantly mingling with them. Shake hands and say hello.

Come across as a secure confident individual, by remaining cool and calm. Show you’re genuinely interested in meeting them, which lays the foundation for making a great first impression.

6. Dress Appropriately

What you wear matters, as the clothes and the accessories which adorns you, defines you. They don’t always need to be the latest trendiest designer threads.

Wear simple decent clothes which suits you. Make sure you feel comfortable. Always dress appropriately for the situation.

Know the type of people who’ll be in attendance, if it’s social or formal. Wear the appropriate accessories, nothing too outlandish. Keep trendy, know simplicity always creates a good impression.

5. Good Posture

Body language speaks volumes when making a good first impression, and says more than the words you speak. So sit up straight and walk with your head held high.

Never fidget or appear nervous. Your posture informs others how you feel about yourself. Not folding your arms shows you’re open minded and friendly.

Be casual, don’t constantly pat your hair, or slouch your back and shoulders. Move around, sit and chat with others as gracefully as possible, as what that shows is your social and economic status.

4. Good Hygiene

Always remain clean, neat, and tidy. Make sure you use deodorant which isn’t overbearing. Your intention isn’t to distract someone because of poor hygiene.

Also maintain your hair, teeth, and nails. People won’t come near you if you’re unkempt, so shower or bath daily and moisturize. Women should minimize their makeup.

3. Be Interesting And Listen

When you talk to someone, make an effort to listen to them first. Be interested in what they’re saying, ask questions, raise concerns about the topic they’re discussing.

Doing so shows you’re attentive, which makes them like you. Find out what you both share in common and discuss. Once you talk about them, they’ll instantly be interested in you.

2. Talk But Never Brag

Talking is good, while constantly bragging is a complete turnoff. Never underestimate, judge or put anyone down, just to prove your superiority.

The moment you do so, everyone will think they’re the next target and will instinctively avoid you. Instead, be positive, and listen to their stories.

Avoid discussing your past relationships or bad memories. Share your happy moments when meeting someone for the first time.

Make sure you’re remembered as being pleasant, instead of weird, embarrassing, narcissistic or boring. Have conversations which leaves a good impression.

1. Just Be Yourself

Never try to be someone you’re not. Just be yourself, which is the mantra of the mindfulness among us.

There’s no point pretending to be funny when you’re not, as you’ll come across as being phony and artificial.

Meeting someone for the first time can then turn uncomfortable and insincere. What people appreciate is originality, so show your best qualities, by being real.

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