The Need To Take Charge Of Your Life To Get What You Want

failed restaurantOften, some days, what many feel is that nothing ever goes their way, that there’s a bulls eye on them, much like a victim of circumstance. It happens to all, so it comes down to how you manage it, how you choose to gain control of the situation at hand.

What’s found is that there are two distinct types of people in life, this when it comes to an occupation such as direct sales. There are those who would “like” some success, while there are those who are extremely serious about achieving success in their lives.

The similar trait being the everyone wants to experience success. That everyone wants to earn more money, have more time, have less anxiety, while making their stamp in the world. Those who actually do it are those who won’t accept any alternatives.

No One Ever Is To Blame
Stuff happens, and it’s easy to blame circumstances, the adversity of life, their childhood, lack of status, their ethnicity, job, family, boss, for their poor results in life. For some, it’s a lifetime of poor luck, “Darn it, if only I was luckier,” blaming it on some unseen force.

Those who are successful all have decided to take complete control over their lives and circumstance, decided to be personally responsible and accountable for their results. They recognize and learn from their mistakes while reveling in their wins.

Taking Control
The key when it comes to taking control of your destiny, your results, is by becoming a responsible person. That you recognize it’s you and only you who’s responsible for your outcome. What doing so offers is tremendous amounts of freedom and peace.

What you need is to recognize that you need to be accountable, that you’re in control and not a victim of consequence, fate or chance. That you have the opportunity to create your own results, win or lose.

Cause And Effect
The entire universe is about balance, that every failure or adversity, what every headache does is carries an equivalent or at times greater counter reaction.

What accepting full responsibility does is allows you to become dynamic, creative, and focused on exactly what you want in life, and not what you don’t want.

That you control your success or failure, that you learn from your mistakes and then move on towards a resolve. Someone who’s responsible is results orientated, focused and empowered.

You Become What You Think
To illustrate, two individuals decide to start a restaurant in the same neighborhood at the same time. They both specialize in the same type of cuisine, each has equally beneficial locations with diverse traffic, and similar business experience.

After a few months of business, both Owner’s A & Owner B find themselves in a predicament. Their businesses have not been as successful as they had hoped, as both are facing dire financial situations.

So they contact you the business consultant, as you specialize in helping business owners develop and grow their businesses into healthy enterprises.

The Complainer…
Owner A spends the majority of the time complaining about the cheap miserable customers, the lack of foot traffic, the food suppliers he uses, he whines about his lousy waitstaff. You feel the stress and anger.

Owner A continues to sulk regarding the tragedy that is his business, and might escape by declaring bankruptcy in a few months, this if you can’t help him.

You ask Owner A what his ideal solution is, then he yells back “that’s why I hired you,” demanding that you save his business. He then begins complaining about your fees, accusing you that it’s now your fault.

The Problem Solver…
What Owner B does is spends the majority of his time thanking his staff and customers. That the waitstaff is efficient and always smiling, and everyone appears to enjoy the healthy portions of food.


This owner tells you that although he has a great establishment, what he needs is improvement to grow. He admits he should have planned better by hiring a marketing consultant, as he thought he could do it on his own.

What he recognizes is that to expand his business, he needs to find ways to bring more customers through the door, and then offer such a great eating experience that they’ll want to return as repeat customers, while recommending their friends.

He then shares his ideas with you while asking you for your input, expressing that he’s completely committed to creating a greater dining experience and a flourishing brand.

What he also states is that your fees must indicate your expertise, and that you’ll provide this expertise to his circumstance. He’s happy to work with you, as what he appreciates is your professionalism and experience.

So Guess Who Comes Out Ahead
After 12 months, who do you think is still in business and actually thriving, and is now actually looking towards expanding further. Obviously Owner B, as what he realizes are the mistakes that he’s made, and has taken full responsibility for them.

By doing so, what he’s pinpointed is exactly where he can improve, and he has asked you for additional assistance and guidance, this rather than seeing you as a buoy which keeps him from drowning.

Take Control Be Responsible
What taking control of our circumstances does is becomes a direct result of accepting responsibility. The empowerment is knowing whatever you achieve or don’t, is a direct result of the actions that you take.

The end result is that there’s freedom along with the reality that we can achieve anything that we decide to focus on. That anything we place our minds to, either good or bad, is exactly what we’ll get back. It’s up to you, the choice is yours.

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