Our Attempt To Find Sanity In The Digital World We Live In

We’re all vulnerable because we want to feel better about ourselves, which is the “hot button” the mainstream media preys on. What we constantly seek is to be accepted, to be liked, to carve out a life that’s worthwhile. We want to be remembered by others.

What we wish for before our demise, is we’ll be able to look back and reflect on our lives and see it was well spent, that it mattered.

So every once in a while, often in the midst of living our busy lives, what …

How To Become Successful By Developing Mental Toughness

What having mental toughness does is gives you an edge. It can be a turning point in your life where you’re able to overcome the gates of defeat, and push you to places most won’t dare to go. It’s the element to get you through difficult times, when the going gets tough.

This is when you can reach peak performance in your pursuits. This is what separates the elite, the high achievers from the very good.

Those who may appear meek, can gain mental toughness through hard work and training, …

The Secret To Attracting More Money Is By Manifesting Some

The first initial step when it comes to accumulating more money, is applying what we learned in Grade school. Addition and subtraction. Earn more while spending less. How we’re conditioned to earn more however, is either work more hours at the current job, or find a better paying job.

Although they are the easiest solutions to increase cash flow, what they won’t do is increase our money consciousness.

You can easily get a second or third job, but you could also easily go out and spend that extra money you’ve …

How Marketers Will Change Your Mind To Buy Their Product

After a select command of words, is when a mind shift occurs which influences our decisions. It can flip us, forcing us to change our minds on a situation or decision we need to make. We subconsciously respond to a variety of orders once someone attempts to persuade us to buy, sell, or take action.

Everyone from marketers to politicians, attempts to influence us to make up our minds and choose somehow.

Friends and family are constantly attempting to alter our thinking, on what they’re wanting us to do.

Most …

Make Plans Set Goals And Take Action To Get What You Want

Every new turn, a new month, a New Year, another revolution of a birthday does is it offers the opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh new start. Yet each day you wake up, it still feels the same, you go through the same routine expecting different results.

There’s something that’s different about milestones, which becomes new and revives hope. That somehow, this time, you’ll finally begin what you’ve been promising yourself to do.

What you make are new plans, construct new beginnings, all in the hopes to improve your …