How Men And Women React Differently When Using Social Media

women using social mediaWe all use social media for different purposes, mainly for entertainment, networking, to gather information. When it comes to men and women, its purpose and its usage becomes yet more distinct. This becomes important for marketers when targeting demographics for their product or service.

What your social media strategy needs is to adapt to these variances. Depending on what you’re marketing, you should be approaching and delivering your social media objectives and messages differently based on these findings.

To perform this well, know how men and women each approach social media. What’s been refined are the thought processes, this on how each attacks and reaches their objectives on the results that they’re searching for.

What social media experts claim is that these differences has been pinpointed to a near science. Particular behaviors on how men and women will approach social medium. These differences should be taken into account, especially if you’re wanting to reach them better.

Women Relate More Men Couldn’t Care Less
When it comes to the offline world, what women care about is making the exact adjustments in detail. Such as the wallpaper in their house needs to be a particular design or color, the shoes need to match perfectly.

The reason for this is because women will intrinsically associate these details as a part of their image and identity.

When online, women will similarly see their website homepage design, images, and their social profiles as their home, as an extension of themselves. This to the point they won’t dare to share or post an image online, that’s not to their exact liking.

Once there’s an image or a post that they do like, then they’ll share it extensively across all of their various social media platforms, claiming it as their own.

Since the Internet is more visual than textual, if you’re wanting to attract more women, post images which women will “like,” and will want to share with the online world.

Women Think When Talking Men Think Before Commenting
Whenever women choose to comment while using online forums or chats, they’ll discuss what their thinking in real time, this on their consumer or brand preferences, or their annoyances.

What men will do is formulate their own ideas first, and then will decide to participate by adding them to a discussion forum.

It’s found that men and women will use the forums or chats for different purposes. Since women discuss their ideas and there’s more active dialogue, the opportunity exists to convince them to your side of the argument.

Men are likely to be more direct, rigid on what they’re thinking. As a result, it’s easier to gather information off them, but more difficult to sell to them, since their ideals are usually already formulated.

Women “Window” Shop Men Are Task Driven
What’s known in the physical world is that women love to window shop. They’ll do so for hours, trying on clothes or shoes, price and comparison shop, usually for entertainment.

Men on the other hand will have an objective in mind. They’ll enter a store with a strict list of items to purchase, select them, and then leave the store as soon as they can.

This is no different online, as women love to browse, window shop on social media for hours. What they’ll search for is the perfect image on Pinterest or Instagram. Men will also search, but rarely to this extent.

Women will see banner ads as an opportunity to explore further. So if your brand is targeted towards women, make sure that it’s visually stunning, with plenty of images on your site that they can browse through.


Offer them dozens of images on your marketing campaign, and then allow them to share, pin, or tag their favorite ones. For men, just offer them a few photos, so they can choose the best one.

Men Focus Singularly Women Tend To Multitask
Although cognition experts claim that the human brain is incapable of multitasking, and just able to handle one task at a time, it appears women have perfected juggling various “tasks,” this to be more efficient.

Woman are able to speak on the phone, skim through their newsfeed on Facebook, while eating a sandwich, all simultaneously.

Men prefer not to, as they would rather do singular focused research, this on a particular subject which interests them, such as emailing a colleague an article that they found on LinkedIn.

This is the reason why women will generally have a higher click-through rate on banners than men will, and it’s not because of impulse, but because of quicker brain processing.

So those who designs banner ads targeting women, should approach their ads differently than they would men. So what type of ads would you design for women who are chronic multitaskers.

Based on ad tracking analytics, it’s found that you need to place a person in the banner ad, near the center while making eye contact. Create ads which will express but not state your brand, and women will be attracted to them.

See… Men Do Think Differently
It’s found that men will focus more on articles or advertorials, and will decide once they’re convinced. So to get better conversions from men, it’s recommended placing a link or a call to action button at the end of the article.

When it comes to the sales page, place subtle prompts such as an “Also See” or a “Read Further” at the end of the article. For blogs, use text which hyperlinks to a product or another related article.

By doing so, the male readers will feel that they’re still in control, that it’s them deciding to make the next move, which is to click on your link to your product page.

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