How To Set Up An Online Business And Never Talk To Anyone

having your own business onlineImagine if you could seamlessly operate a hands-free online business where you never need to talk to anyone again, ever. The money then just rolls in, on autopilot, making for a smooth trouble free life, sounds enticing.

Most who hear about this wonder if it’s even possible, those who claim that they make money while they’re sleeping.

Their own self generating “hands-free” business, working part-time hours while earning a full time income, completely stress free.

The reason these visions are formulated and are made possible is because of the current state of technology online, which has advanced to the point where with proper execution, anyone can run a smooth online businesses on autopilot.

You can now sell your own product or service, or become an affiliate and sell other products for a commission, while servicing these customers, clients, and queries all hands free, without the need for human interaction.

Making Money While You Sleep
This type of business is ideal for many, allowing the computer and the Internet to do all the work, do all the heavy lifting online while you do whatever you want. Your very own “cash cow” business which pumps money directly into your bank account.

You can finally quit your 9-5 job, or eliminate the costly expenditure, the physical bonds and restraints of an actual “brick and mortar” storefront, where you need to hire employees, and keep office hours.

There are actually a growing number of individuals who have been able to carve out their own automated income generating business online, which can be considered an ideal living, something that wouldn’t of been considered remotely possible a couple of decades ago.

The Most Ideal Business Model
Since this type of online business is a desirable pursuit for many, it’s also created a niche business for the most savviest of marketers, those who capitalizes on teaching others on how to do so.

So how can you actually set up your own income generating business online, put your feet up and watch the cash roll in, one that you’ll never need to personally talk or sell anything to anyone, ever.

Is The Online Model Broken
The further that we continue to engage in all of this automated contact, the more that we begin to crave actual personalized human contact.

All of these daily business interactions and transactions are now all suddenly becoming extremely machine driven and unpersonable, and as a result, we’re now inviting back more real life human interaction.

The Typical Online Business Engagement
Think what happens once you go online these days and then participate in a typical online marketing engagement. You’ll submit your email to get more information, or you’ll receive an email which urges you to sign up and participate in an online event.

You’ll do everything online, fill out the form, confirm your email, and the auto responder does the rest. Every action is machine driven online, you never need to speak to anyone.

This is now a standard common procedure, as we now live in a world of online universities where all the lessons are taught online, where the student never steps a foot into a classroom.

There’s also really no judgment here, as it’s just a simple recognition of the times, which is the path to least resistance.

Is More Human Interaction Needed
There’s really no opportunity or advantage to this. What may be required is more actual human engagement to come back into our lives and our businesses, instead of these automated routines.


How about asking your listening audience what they actually want to hear. What if we began taking the time as well as energy to greet and then welcome people into our various communities.

For that online prerecorded video seminar, how about once someone enrolls, they get a personalized call welcoming and thanking them, confirming details such as the proper time zone conversion, or offering information which would make the call more useful.

This way, they’ll be more than likely to attend that webinar, while paying more attention to whatever that’s being offered or taught.

May Not Be For Everyone
Although not everyone will want a phone call from you, but a large number of individuals will appreciate one, and be open to this type of personal human contact. They’ll be taken by the effort that you’re extending them, feeling a sense of obligation to see what else you have in store for them.

And this is the exact point once you do this, which is to be as human as possible, meaning that everyone else will then need to raise the bar as well.

So if you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, wanting to turn the tide on all of this automated technology which can be at times mind numbing, you can be that outstanding company which actually offers and delivers true value while showing genuine appreciation for every single person who contacts you.

You can build up and begin adding genuine human interaction internally at first, and as you refine the process, you can then develop your external resources to scale.

This is how you’re able to make yourself distinct, and remain on the top of your customers list, by helping them personally decide what they need, which is you wanting to turn them into raving fans or clients.

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