Prove You Have The Intestinal Fortitude To Become Successful

traits of being successfulThere’s a variety, a cross section of qualities that you need for you to succeed. It’s not just about thinking or talking about it, but how you direct your time and energy on what needs to be done. What it requires is rolling up your sleeves and digging in the trenches.

It’s not about having natural talent or the highest education, but the extra effort of motivation that’s needed to work harder than others. Regardless of who you are, there’s certain things that all successful people share in common, which is intestinal fortitude.

The willingness to go the extra mile, is the separation line that the majority of successful people have over us mere mortals. The guts, perseverance, and the stamina to channel their dreams into reality.

They Expect And Welcome Mistakes
Two critical traits successful people have in common are they expect and overcome failure, while they don’t care what others think of them or what they do.

The most successful of entrepreneurs are conditioned not to place any of their limited time or energy into stressing about failure, as failure is a necessary step in the process when reaching for their goals.

Experiencing Defeat Makes Them Resilient
Successful people don’t start paying attention until something becomes deficient or begins to hurt. Once they feel pain, is when things begin to matter.

Once things start to get tough is when you need to take action. Either overcome the obstacle by growing or learning something, or you can let it defeat you.

It’s human nature to react to past habits. So if you’re conditioned to quit once things get tough, then it becomes easier to pack it in the next time it happens, the next hardship. Or conversely, you can consciously push through them and grow.

Doing Things They Don’t Like
Successful people know they need to do certain things they don’t like doing. This because they know it’s for the best in the long run. So learn to scrap projects, fire someone, plead and beg, or start over.

It becomes easy to allow the upcoming challenge to paralyze you, but successful people know that in certain situations, it can be addition by subtraction, even if they dread doing it. They make the tough calls to rid of the turkeys to attract the eagles.

Being Mindful Of Emotions
Negative emotions when things go wrong is the first instinct. One thing you can’t avoid is feeling these emotions, so it’s up to you to manage them effectively, this by keeping yourself in control.

Once you allow your emotions to overtake you, doing so becomes a pattern. Constantly being in a bad mood does is distracts you from your goals, while an arrogant mood can make you impulsive, overconfident and cocky.

Trusting Your Instincts
You need to know the fine line between trusting your gut instinct and being impulsive. What trusting instincts does is forces you to look at all the possible outcomes.

If the facts don’t add up, they don’t present a clear definitive answer, then you need to trust in your ability to decide, do what feels right. Being impulsive is jumping to conclusions.

Being A Leader Even If No One Follows
Those who are meek will question what you’re doing, this when you break away from the pack and do your own thing. What’s easy is setting a new direction once you have the support of others. Successful people will do so regardless.

The true sign of having intestinal fortitude is how well that you stand your ground, how you maintain your resolve, this when there’s no one who believes in what you’re doing.

Successful people with resolve believe in themselves and what they do. Once they set their mind to it, regardless of what they decide, they’ll stay the course to prove their right or wrong. If they win others to their way of thinking then great. If not, then who cares.


Meet Deadlines Exceed Expectations
What successful people will do is constantly find a way to say “yes,” while honoring their past commitments, finishing what they’ve previously promised to do.

They know that the only way to stand out from the crowd and win, is to outwork them. What they’ve developed is the tendency to always over deliver, this even if they over promise, they’ll get it done.

Focus On Strict Details
There’s nothing that tests one’s resolve than making mistakes while performing mind numbing tasks, this especially when overworked or overtired.

The more that those with tenacity are challenged, the more that they’ll dig their claws in, and then welcome and complete that challenge, regardless of the details or what to do.

Always Be Nice
When someone treats you poorly, even just once, it becomes tempting to return the favor by stooping to their level and smacking them in the face. Successful people with fortitude will never allow anyone to walk or talk all over them.

What this doesn’t mean is that you need to be rude. Instead, treat those who are annoying or obnoxious with the same kindness that you extend to everyone else, this because you don’t want their negative attitude to bring you down.

Always Being Accountable For What You Do
What people will always remember is how you dealt with or resolved a difficult issue, this rather than how the problem originated in the first place.

So once you hold yourself accountable for everything that you do, what you’re doing is showing that you care, that you want to resolve the situation, even admitting that you were wrong.

That you don’t care about your image or ego. Having this perseverance is a rare yet important quality that we all need to have.

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