Weight Loss Secrets Of Those Who Always Appear Sleek And Slim

eating food off a blue plateWhat’s known is that there’s basic formulas to lose weight and keep it off. For those who remain slim throughout their lives, what it comes down to is a consistent set of habits they follow. This regardless of the time of year, or how hectic their life may become.

So if you’ve been trying to lose weight yourself, trying out the various “new and improved” diet plans on the market, the key becomes to discipline yourself first. It’s not always the diet plan, but more on how you choose to regulate yourself through good and bad.

What losing weight takes is a lot of hard work and patience, and all you need is to adopt a certain attitude and a way of living.

All it comes down to is eating properly and keeping fit by exercising regularly. So just begin with these core basics, which will influence the pounds to melt away and stay off.

Make Achievable Goals
One goal that everyone has are flat hard muscular abs. But you need to be more realistic than just tucking in your tummy when looking in the mirror.

It’s easy to convince or fool yourself into thinking you’re losing weight, this because you hit the gym several times a week, which is ineffective and redundant.

A more practical way is to find clothes that you once wore which are couple sizes smaller than you currently are. Hang that clothing where you can see it everyday. Then make it a goal to eventually fit into that dress or pants.

By doing so, what you’re doing is motivating yourself towards a tangible visible goal, where you can see actual real life results, this once you fit into that article of clothing.

How Color Affects Eating
What science proves is that warmer color tones such as the yellows, reds, and orange, psychologically does is makes you want to eat more than you should.

This is the reason why the most popular fast-food chains use these colors in their branding. What’s recommended instead is to surround yourself in more calmer tones, specifically blue.

What some successful diet plans insist is that you eat off blue plates, which gives the effect of you feeling fuller sooner.

Know Your pH Levels
What the typical modern Western diet contains are foods which are highly acidic, which hinders your weight loss progress and your state of health.

What a body that’s too acidic does is stores fat. So choose to eat alkaline based foods instead, which will counteract the acidic content while also detoxifying your body.

Consume those foods which are high in alkaline, which then balances your ideal pH level, keeping your weight and your state of health in check.

Drink Plenty Of Water
Clean simple water will help in keeping you hydrated better than any sport or energy drink will. What these alternates are loaded with are artificial sweeteners, which will suddenly quench your thirst or jolt you with energy, but only temporarily.

Water contains all of the electrolytes that you’ll ever need. What drinking water throughout the day also does is gives you the sensation of feeling full. Also never mistake hunger for thirst.

Get Adequate Sleep
Getting proper sleep is extremely vital for every facet of life, but is often overlooked for those who are attempting to lose weight.


Once you fail to get the nightly prescribed adequate amount of shuteye, what your brain assumes is you’re in panic mode, that you’re stressed out. What it then automatically releases is cortisol.

What excessive amounts of the cortisol hormone in the body does is increases your appetite, while also forcing your body to store fat in the belly area. This results in stubborn weight gain, along with heart and cardiovascular related diseases.

The Faster Pace The Better
When working out at the gym, or when out for a stroll, jogging, or riding a bike, make it a habit to quicken the pace which will speed up your movements.

One way is to listen to fast paced music, as a quick beat will automatically make you feel a lot more energetic, which prompts your body to move faster, resulting in more sweat and weight loss.

Weight Bearing Exercises
What weight bearing exercises doesn’t mean is pounding heavy dumbbell weights. What it involves instead, is doing exercises which forces you to lift your own body weight.

So do exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or suspension and resistance training. What weight bearing exercises does, is makes you gain muscle mass which improves your metabolism, allowing you to efficiently burn more fat and calories quicker.

Go Public With Your Progress
Tell everyone that you know about your weight loss journey. This by starting a weight loss blog or documenting yourself on social media. If you encourage even just one person, it will give you all the motivation that you need to keep on keeping on.

When doing so, the hope is to inspire and enthuse others who are wanting to travel the path with you, this on the journey to lose weight.

What then becomes invigorating is reading the accounts of others who are also documenting their progress as well, as it makes everyone accountable.

Keep A Journal
So your weight loss journey displayed on a blog might be too much exposure for your liking. Instead, keep a private journal to record the progress on your weight loss efforts.

Do so by documenting every meal that you eat, all your workouts, and the setbacks or progress that you’ve made.

This will keep you motivated because it also serves as proof on how hard you’re working, and the weight you’re losing is proof. Once you feel like overindulging, then just review your progress.

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