Writing Provocative Absorbing Content People Will Read

how to attract more readers to your siteSo they tell you that content is king, but providing provocative content which glues eyeballs to computer screen is the crown jewel. Once your visitor arrives at your site, you have approximately 3 seconds to captivate their interest, to keep them continuing to read your information. Tick Tock.

Think of all the articles that you’ve personally read yourself recently, or the videos that you’ve watched, or the speeches that you’ve heard. The very instant initial exposure, the first few captivating words determines whether you want to spend more time viewing, listening, or reading that site.

The competition is just simply too fierce out there for you to expect that absolutely everyone would want to invest their valuable free time to engage in what you write.

The Art Of Creating Provocative Content
Creating provocative content, for instance, in an industry such as the Internet, where the topics are usually repetitive, poorly written and dry, also involves titles which are completely bland and pointless. The leading line is often a lot more important and interesting than the bottom line.

You have to attract and then flirt on the edge, while not poking your readers in the eye. You’ll need to instantly challenge, amuse, and then embrace your audience while not being overly boasting or annoying.

Particularly the homepage of your site should be provocative enough so that it’s memorable, worthy of a bookmark, and be controversial enough to force them to tell their friends, or colleagues… “Hey, you really need to visit this site.”

So the method is to be as outstanding as possible, while skirting on the edge of controversy by stirring emotion.


• Begin by reading relevant publications and books yourself, and then capsulize the content by summarizing your readers with your ideas
• Brainstorm for topic relevancy with others by discussing whatever is currently trending. Engage together with a team of your most trusted advisers. Having a mastermind group is an excellent way of improving your ideas as well as improving creativity
• Continuously invest in your own self development. There is a well known Japanese proverb that states: “I will eventually master something, then the creativity will follow”
• Always question all the basic assumptions. This applies to your own, as well as the assumptions of your most trusted advisers and clients. What you’ll do is gain completely new insights for any solution
• Make sure that you take a contrarians view on everything by discussing a concept, and it’s pros and cons. For instance, you don’t always necessarily need to agree with your clients on all issues. What you need to do is question their basic premises and views, this in order to improve their business, from a different point of view
• Create a story that your readers can relate to. Use stories to convey a particular concept or message, forcing them to develop ideas which makes it a lot more effective
• Interview, talk to those who intrigues you. This is an excellent way of getting new ideas, learning new things, and leveraging effective marketing methods while developing new content for your site based on the person you’ve just interviewed
• Social network by joining all the effectively useful smart online communities. What you’ll instantly gain is knowledge of what’s being discussed by your peers, allowing you to lend help to others as well

The Elemental Construction Of A Site
This based on reviews of 1000’s of websites and blogs, researchers have come to the conclusion that for a site and an organization to be successful in the digital world, there are a few key elements which must be met.

The Design Of The Site
The design of the site needs to be professionally tailored for appealing aesthetics, being attractive as well as engaging, while making it easy to navigate around to immediately gain the visitors attention, as well as captivating their interest.

Make sure that you also properly manage the images and photos which appear on the site, which includes the theme, size, and placement of the photos. Also wisely select personalized photos of yourself, your staff, or your clients, etc.

The Use Of Provocative Content
The content of your site, including the headline, needs to focus directly on your visitors interests, such as immediately addressing what’s in it for them. How can you improve the readers state of life, or business, by they reading your article.

To be able to accomplish this, strong provocative content needs to be developed or introduced in the form of solutions based on products or services, as well as offering intellectual property which is constantly evolving and updated.

Strategically Using Tactics
Know and determine what the image of your business should be. How it should be positioned online, and which components are used to make the business or site a success.

Decide how you should be structuring your site to reach out as well as communicate with your readers. Know how they will purchase your products, or how they’ll read your content, subscribe to your newsletters, or which outlet they’ll use to communicate back to you.

Using The Best Strategies
Without these issues not being resolved, the effectiveness of your site will be greatly diminished. For instance, a site that’s well designed with excellent content, but doesn’t have a defined strategy is like driving a car without a map. You’ll wonder why they’re not reaching the intended desired destination.

If you offer great content on your site along with an effective strategy, yet you have poor Web design and navigation, you’ll then immediately chase your visitors away, quicker than when they landed on your site.


Focus on all the issues which are most important to your credibility. If you feel that your leadership is your strong suit, then focus on that. Use services such as Google Alerts, which will tell you how you’re being perceived, as well as detected. If your sole aim is projecting issues which are only peripheral, then you need to alter what you’re emphasizing.


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