Learning To Control Just The Things You Can In Life

We’re just this one singular entity, a speck, just another “number” in this massive world we live in. We can somewhat control our lives, our destiny, such as our health, what we eat or how we behave. But beyond that, most external things are out of our hands, and we can’t do much about it.

This becomes apparent as young children, as from birth, we’re told how to act, what type of clothes to wear, to mind our manners.

What we’re taught in school is curriculum education, learning about ourselves, …

7 Ways To Naturally Elevate Mood In Tough Times

Endorphins which are activated in the brain, are known as the body’s “feel good” chemicals. Once they’re released, what’s experienced is that natural high, that sudden injection of a boost in mood.

Endorphins also helps in alleviating body and muscle aches and soreness, as it acts as a natural pain reliever.

The problem with endorphins however, is you just can’t tap the brain and release it, once you need some relief.

Whats needed are certain activities so they’ll be activated, this to feel that natural rush. There are a variety …

The 2 Traits Of A Narcissist And How To Effectively Deal With Them

We all have varying degrees in our personalities of being a narcissist ourselves, once our pride boils over as we become emotional or challenged. At times, we have no idea, if someone we know happens to register high in this particular low self-esteem personality trait, until it’s too late.

Perhaps, it’s their brash arrogant showmanship which attracted you to them in the first place, to furnish your own low self-esteem. Now they’re starting to annoy you.

You may have a parent, sibling, your significant other, or a relative whose narcissistic …

How To Release The Built Up Emotional Clutter In Your Life

Life can be a journey, with a specific destination in mind. There are some, who has a predetermined road map, and the funds they need to get them there. Others have no idea where they’re going, has little or no resources, but they’re also fine with that. All they want, is to just have fun.

During our travels, we encounter challenges that slows us down, or alters our course. At times, we allow these roadblocks to get us down, making the journey less enjoyable.

These obstacles can also halt us …

Reasons Why Women Are Attracted To Certain Types Of Men

There are various reasons, why we humans are instinctively attracted to one another. How a modern man attracts certain women, is a far more complex process. The reason being women are pickier, and infinitely more perceptive than men are. Women are more stringent, on who they’re attracted to.

Whenever women evaluate men, how physically attractive he is, isn’t as important as how pretty a woman is for men.

What a man initially looks for, is physical beauty. The selection process on how men and women are attracted to one other, …