Quiz: Which One Of The 4 People Types Are You?

Every individual born into this life is genetically programmed to succeed. We all have great potential in some way. Brilliant ideas, unfulfilled goals, grandiose dreams. We have infinite books that are unwritten, successful businesses yet to be started. Our potential soulmate is waiting to have coffee with us downtown.

Realize that your mind, your skills and talents isn’t a limited natural resource. So never deny yourself of your dreams. It’s your responsibility during your lifespan to reach them. Hopefully sooner than later.

First look at those closest to you. Your friends, family or spouse, and determine which one of …

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The Dawn Of A New Era For Higher Consciousness

What we all ultimately strive for, as we grow older and mature like fine wine is to hopefully achieve wealth, health, and true love. This leads to unconditional happiness in our lives. But what are we willing to sacrifice to achieve these pursuits. What’s the formula, to sacrifice when creating this peaceful serene calm of inviting this joy in our lives.

The truth is, that most often, what we need is to get out of our own way, and allow life to breath.

We’re causing our own blockage by not allowing freewill energy to flow into our lives from …

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The Need To Be Politically Correct In This Cynical World

Once upon a time not too long ago, being “politically” correct meant speaking with consideration towards others. Such as telling people what they wanted to hear. Now, it’s reduced to acting and speaking in a manner that’s dictated by the political left wing elite. Those who has self designated themselves as the arbitrators of what’s proper or not.

Wishing Merry Christmas for instance is no longer politically correct. This because of the potential of insulting non-Christians and atheists.

So we’re now told the proper term is Happy Holidays. Marketers now advertise their merchandise as Holiday gifts, this to please …

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How Your Numerology Number Can Reveal Your Medical History

What’s known is that experiencing stress in life can be the trigger that leads to disease. What disease points to is an unfulfilled life of not reaching potential. The theory of using Numerology to release stress and illness does exist, this by using our date of birth as it correlates with certain diseases.

Stress most damages to our brains, as the mind relays it back to our bodies, which affects our health.

Extreme levels of stress leads to changes in our body composition and chemistry, which alters the state of our mental, physical, and energy levels.

The result is …

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How Our Primate Brain Craves For External Stimuli

What the brain does from the exact moment we wake is it battles itself from boredom. So we drink coffee to stay alert, constantly look at our smartphones for signs of life, surf pointlessly on the Internet. We’re constantly searching for any known stimulants which will entertain our mind.

The conscious brain has no particular aim. It just floats aimlessly, it’s not directed.

What it’ll continuously do is revisit previous experiences, scan for new exciting opportunities, attempt to solve problems, which kicks in the creativity juices.

These days, the boredom gaps are being filled in better from external sources, …

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How To Survive The Holiday Season If You Are Single

Do you realize that the latest stats show there are now 45.2% percent of adults in North America who are single. So becoming singular appears to be a growing trend. Although going solo is a life choice, it’s the holiday season that isolates this solitary, that you are single.

Once the festivities kick off, it should become a snowball of great joy with friends and family. To celebrate the tradition. But it’s not always the most joyous time of year for those who are single. This is when one doesn’t feel that merry or bright.

This especially hits hard …

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The Need To Avoid The Drama Queens In Your Life

What we all have are these sensitive overly dramatic people in our lives, you know the ones who thrive and feed on constantly creating petty chaos wherever they go, intentional or not. Once you recognize them, what you want is to steer clear away from their theatrics.

These individuals do so to garner attention back to themselves, once they begin feeling deprived, feasting on their low self esteem.

What they’re capable of is creating instant drama on demand in everything they do, or wherever they go.

They thrive on adding fuel to the fire, stirring up conflict and controversy …

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Confessions Of An Online Digital Multitasking Workaholic

Working too much and nothing much else, these are the mundane people you see walking around everyday with bags under their eyes and a phone stuck on their ear, creating their own form of zombie. They are workaholics, which is now actually defined as a condition.

Working at ones job excessively can cause conflict as well as friction at the expense of one’s health and relationships. If left untreated, it can potentially lead towards burnout, depression and ultimately illness.

A workaholic is simply unable to disengage themselves from their work, regardless if they’re contributing or if they’re needed or …

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Live Your Life Through The Lens Of Someone In Love

We constantly use our minds to make ourselves feel bad. We ruminate over an embarrassing moment that happened a week ago. We beat ourselves up by saying one thing, then doing another. As we worry about the future, what we’re doing is harming our ability to live a full life today.

What if, instead, we decided to ask ourselves, “How much better can I make myself feel at this moment?”

What’s known, is our brains are just as adept at making us feel better, as it is making us feel worse about ourselves.

For most, what we tend is …

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9 Simple Mind Tricks To Improve Memory

On a daily basis, the human brain is bombarded with a variety of different concepts, facts, dates, and numbers to remember. It’s not possible for the tiring noggin to grasp and remember all of them. Everyone on occasion forgets. The human mind is no different than any other type of physical memory storage device.

But there are ways to refine it better than any other mechanical retrieval system. What it’s capable of, is storing information in the form of data, facts and figures, while being able to recognize hundreds of faces, routes, names and memories. The human brain is …

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