To Practice Mindfulness Is To Develop Mind Over Matter

Experiencing mindfulness is all about right the now at this very moment, being aware of just being. There’s no need to go into a deep trance or go to a hot yoga studio, as mindfulness can be performed as you walk, work, whatever you’re currently doing.

Some describe mindfulness as the basic awareness of human ability, to be fully present of where you are and what you’re doing, regardless of what that may be.

It does not require going into some mystical trance or joining a cult religion, as anyone …

How To Deal With The Emotional Turmoil Of Getting Rejected

There’s nothing as emotionally painful as getting rejected, regardless of what form it happens to take. Not being liked, not being good enough to hang with the cool kids, not getting that job interview or promotion, not getting invited to a friend’s party, all stings.

Every no you get, every door you get slammed in your face, firmly plants you in your place.

The extent of the rejection impacts directly on the state of your welfare, who you are, while you struggle to find the best way to recover and …

How To Prepare For The Upcoming Changes In Your Life

We’re taught to attack living our life in a linear fashion, as all we do is tick forward, mercilessly leaving victims in their wake, if we don’t keep up or pay attention. As life accelerates, it becomes logical to think you need to keep it steady and on track.

The more changes and transitions you make and go through, the more opportunities you have to perceive the shifting patterns of your life.

How you manage change, whether you can effectively negotiate all it’s necessary alterations, propels you forward.

The ability …

A Clinical Method On How You Can Self Hypnotize Yourself

We’ve all attended the country fairs where a mystic with dark hypnotic eyes invites you, dares you, they can predict your future. For a fee, reveal what will happen to you in the future, place you under a hypnotic spell, without any interference. Is this even possible.

What experts claim is there’s approximately 30% percent of the population that can potentially be hypnotized.

The polar opposite, around 25% percent are considered extremely difficult, if not impossible to fall victim to falling under a spell of auto-suggestion.

The remainder of us …

The Constant Battle Of Struggle Between Money And Time

There’s an internal battle we face on a daily basis, which is our time and it’s clash with money. If we compress 30 years of our working lives into 3 years of time for instance, and accumulate how much we earn during that span, we would all be millionaires within a few years.

The slogan “time is money” is well known. It was first used decades ago to remind workers that the time not spent working, is wasted time not making money.

This has been adopted and refined in today’s …