Reasons You Constantly Attract That Same Toxic Love Affair

Toxic love is defined as relationships, those familiar chronic love affairs you have and become attached to, despite how hard you try to avoid them, that makes you feel bad. What love is supposed to be is fulfilling, to complete you, but what you feel instead is loneliness and disappointment.

Any love affair which has anxiety and pain, are more common that the ones that features compatibility, pleasure, and contentment. What becomes common is blaming each other for they being a poor influence, and thus bad for you. Realize it takes “two to tangle” in any relationship, which creates …

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Is Your Egotistical Boss The Reason Why You Dislike Your Job

The role of the manager in any organization is to fix mistakes, to overlook operations, to control function and people. But what we know is that some bosses will go beyond their duties, and allow their authority to influence your livelihood. This just to flex their hierarchy muscle, because they can.

What a narcissistic boss with a big ego can do is step beyond their borders, decide to make it personal by reducing you, by verbally abusing you. Whatever your reaction may be, whether you tell them off or you walk away in shame, is what they’re looking for. …

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In The Company Of Others How To Refine The Art Of Conversation

The grand prize for which a human exists, is to excel in the company of others. To talk and be talked about fluently and fluidly. Conversation is what makes one distinct, this in the drawing room of the scene of their glory. In company, whomever you meet all should be treated with equal respect.

It’s about having similar interests, having something in common, which dictates attraction towards each other, which has different degrees of attention. It’s considered disrespectful to shun any guest. Those whom has been honored, this by inviting them, should be sanctioned by you acknowledging their presence. …

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Know The Signs You’re In A True Genuine Loving Relationship

What the experts claim is that you need to love yourself first, this before you can love anyone else. One of the keys to life is to be mindful and aware, this regarding whatever happens to us, regardless of what that may be. Our life without a doubt, will always be bombarded with a variety of ups and downs, major traumas, challenges, and triumphs.

Hopefully, we’ll learn from all our mistakes, our experiences, so that we can move forward towards a better, more complete life that’s meaningful to us. “Know thyself” seems to be the key. The first assignment …

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How Some Will Get Trapped On The Stage That Is Social Anxiety

As the years pass by, as one becomes more mindful about their life, how’s it going? Is your life really becoming progressively better. Do you honestly expect that things will change. Instead, what most become is overwhelmed with pressure, this by their own, or from the expectations of others.

Most begin to realize that it’s social anxiety that’s their biggest culprit, which is responsible for staving off their ambition. What’s realized is that to improve, to get better, they can’t do it on their own. That there needs to be human interaction with others, the need to socialize. But …

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Who’s To Blame When Siblings Can’t Get Along With Each Other

It’s not the strong who will hurt you, it’s the weak who will try. They try to enrich their empty lives, by attempting to take away from you, to fill their empty dreams. Be aware watch your back. Look into their darting eyes, scheming to deceive, to slink in and out of the shadows, as they carve another notch in their karma belt.

What’s known is getting along with siblings, is the route that needs to be taken, this when growing older. Not all siblings however are going to get along. Their enlarged ego prevents them from getting over …

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The Fear Of Fear Itself Is The Wrong Reason To Remain Married

Who said that this institution called marriage, will enrich the lives of those who are. This to some sounds like a fairy tale that transforms into a horror show. There’s peer pressure especially for women to get married, this to fulfill their expectations, to procreate, to prolong the human race.

Most agree that the purpose of marriage is also to enhance one’s life, while extending their sense of meaning, gratification and purpose. But what real life presents, is this sanctuary that is marriage, can at times result in disappointment, if not outright failure. What marriage often becomes is the …

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The Dilemma Whether It’s Better To Be Married Or Remain Single

Does getting married really make you happier, more socially integrated into society. Are you better off in regards to being physically, emotionally, and inter-personally healthier. The debate continues if it’s more advantageous to get hitched, or to enjoy the benefits of remaining single.

What can’t be ignored is that those who are single, clinically, they’re a lot more mindful and aware about themselves than those who are married. There are obvious pro’s and con’s of either or, as there’s no simple, one-size-fits-all answer, to whether it’s better to enjoy the freedom of a life with no commitments, or to …

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Ways To Eliminate Your Dark Passenger That Is Self Criticism

Look at you on Facebook, you look so happy as you blare out countless posts of your gratifying life. How complete you are, yet that glossy eyed look into your selfie reveals a desperation of seeking attention, as you silently shout out for help. It’s that void of insecurity that’s most noticeable.

What’s revealed is your deep dark passenger that’s haunting your aura, that you constantly need assurance from others, this because of your core belief that you’re not good enough. For many, this inner critic is so deeply ingrained within their psyche, that it becomes difficult to distinguish …

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Strategies To Use When Initiating A Romantic Relationship

There you are, sitting alone on another Friday night, your only companionship being a blaring TV, your cat, and cold vegetarian pizza. So you want a romantic relationship. You’re attractive, people like you, yet for a while, you’ve chosen to be alone, to calculate and reevaluate your life.

So how do you take that next step forward from being single, to finding a mate, a partner, a significant other. The slate is now clean, there are no lingering after effects or rebounding from relationships gone awry. You’re refreshed and ready to put yourself out there, to find a date, …

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