How To Mindfully Reduce Your Stress Level In Less Than 5 Minutes

Our stress level is a gauge, an indicator that pressure is building, boiling over. This could be a deadline at work, something that can’t be controlled such as road rage, or that high credit card bill. Stress begins in the brain and signals the body, to ready itself for the classic “fight-or-flight” mode.

What results is sweating on the brow, fuming, as the heart begins to pound, the breathing becomes shallow and rapid, as the muscles in the body begin to tense up. This is a natural chain reaction to …

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Proven Ways To Fit In With The Crowd And Be Part Of The Gang

The ability to stand out in a crowd, in some cases becomes important for success, this when it comes to a job or a relationship. Uniqueness, individuality, being your own person, becomes a quality that many strive for, this when wanting to gain popularity or recognition, highlighting personification.

Then there are times when you need to conform, to fit in with everyone else, this especially if it becomes beneficial to help you achieve your goals. You may of been invited by a friend or relative to an unfamiliar family or …

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The Life Obligation That You Have Is To Live Up To Your Dreams

We as children were prolific dreamers. When we were young, the canvas was open to whatever we wanted to become. Some choose astronaut, others a nurse. As we grew older, our dreams began to turn from fantasy to sensibility, to at times delusional. We were eventually convinced to abandoned our dreams, and face reality.

There are some people, intentional or not, who’ll throw enough self doubt our way, constant negativity, to push us away from pursuing our dreams. To conform to something we don’t want to become. This is the …

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Learn To Live The Life Of Your Dreams By Showing Eternal Love

Bookmark the day that you took control of your life and said, “I can do this.” What you want is to find meaningfulness, once you reflect back and proudly say, “I’ve lived my life how I wanted to.” Make a list of the things you’re most happy about, the pride, the type of person you turned out to be.

It’s all about vision. That day you sat yourself down, and thought out what you want from your life, how you can contribute, what you wanted to experience. Some may have …

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A Letter Written From A Hopeful Young Man To His Future Girlfriend

You – I value my personal space, so please don’t take away the time spent with my guy friends, my car or my motorcycle, my alone time, all the things that brought me peace before meeting you. Please don’t change my love for sports, goofiness, or anything else that makes me comfortable. Issues you may have resistance towards.

Don’t expect me to act a certain way, around you. Don’t hold my words against me, I’m just rambling. Accept me for me being me, all the defects and shortcomings. Understand the …

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Is Growing Up In A Dysfunctional Marriage Worse Than Divorce

What getting a divorce for married couples, is when worlds crumble. End of the road. They failed, they’re incapable of being compatible, they’re cold unloving selfish people. Most religions disapprove, the lives of their children become pawns. So the message for married couples, is to remain together by any means possible.

But close to one-half of all marriages now end up in divorce court, and this stat is rising. Times are changing in the once sacred “I Do,” where it actually meant something. The biggest casualties are the remnants of …

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How To Be More Productive At Work By Becoming More Efficient

There’s always someone who appears to be efficiently productive. They appear to get a lot done, while you’re struggling with the same tasks. They juggle their life and work, study for exams, manage the household, taking bite size chunks in the pile of work that needs to be completed.

There are certain traits to this seemingly superhuman nature, where much is accomplished, where they appear to have infinite supplies of energy. When it comes to the tasks which needs to be completed, there’s a predicable and definitive pattern, where projects …

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Adopting Daily Habits To Feel Better By Elevating Your Self Worth

Self-worth is when you block everything out, and decide that just one opinion matters, which is your own. Just make sure that the opinion is a positive one. What we think becomes key, and needs to be closely monitored. Our negative minds however, are often our most harshest critic.

The definition of self-worth, which is also known as self-esteem, is having the confidence in ourselves, to give high praise of our worthiness and ability. The feeling of being a courageous person, who wants and deserves to be treated with respect. …

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