How Remaining Optimistic Helps Once Adversity Strikes Your Life

Adversity, pain, grief can strike us at any moment from left field, this when we’re least expecting it. Although many claim that there’s order in the Universe and our lives, that everything happens for a reason, once tragedy does occur, it can be devastating. To help us through these times, what’s needed is an optimistic mindset.

Optimism is the core belief that things, particularly our future will turn out well. That we’ll have positive experiences, rather than negative ones. Although our brains are set to think on a negative bias, …

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Learning To Control Yourself Once You Become Envious Of Others

Once someone experiences envy, they’re allowing others to control their emotions, such as getting upset. What infuriates those who are, is that despite all their efforts, they can’t detract them. So as a result, they feel defeated. Know that envy is an one sided emotion, that’s experienced by that person, while the other doesn’t know or care.

Once someone feels envy, what they feel is their anger or jealousy elevating. What they’re constantly doing is comparing themselves to them, and finding they don’t measure up. So they try to disrupt …

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Reasons To Make The Proper Choices And Take The Right Action

Everything that you currently have in your life, is a result of the choices that you’ve made. Understand then embrace the dynamics of this essential power. You suffer once you lose control of your destiny. Freedom lies in knowing you choose everything. Taking no action at all, is also a choice, as nothing ever stays the same.

You justify your failure by saying, “I had no choice” or “I can’t do anything to change my situation,” or “there’s nothing I can do.” All which are convenient false beliefs. You can …

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How To Relive The World Through The Eyes Of Someone In Love

We constantly use our minds to make ourselves feel bad. We ruminate over an embarrassing moment that happened a week ago. We beat ourselves up by saying one thing, then doing another. As we worry about the future, what we’re doing is harming our ability to live a full life.

What if, instead, we decided to ask ourselves, “how much better can I make myself feel?” What’s known, is that our brains are just as adept at making us feel better, as it is making us feel worse. For most, …

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Does The Aging Process As We Grow Older Blunt Our Livelihood

Does the battered brain as the aging process sets in, start to affect the speed that we’re able to process information, this sooner for some that later. There’s a reason why older people think and react slower than those young kids out there. It begins in the central nervous system of the brain.

This is the area where the mechanical process, of translating sensory input into a response occurs. Peripheral changes also occur. The sensory and motor nerves starts to wear out, and begins to slow down with age. Alterations …

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Just Decide To Stand Up For Yourself Rather Than Complaining

There are those who constantly complain, whines about the wrongdoings done to them or their group. That their human rights were violated, constantly playing the victim card. The umbrella that it’s shoved under is racism, gender, ethnic, or minority inequality, and “It needs to stop right now!”

Every slight that a person experiences, this since they look different because of their skin color, beliefs, or religion, will accuse the perpetrator of racism or hate. That they’re being picked on, that they were wronged. They believe they’re treated the way they …

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How To Keep Your Creative Juices Active By Remaining In The Flow

What everyone’s heard of or experienced is burnout. This once the balance beam that’s in the brain goes off tilt. This for those who needs to be creative, such as writers, as the active juices begin to dry up. So the need is to become clinical, and find out what the root causes of the burnout are.

There are the irregular shortages, the temporary burnout situations that’s caused by distraction, stress, or real life real world issues, such as attempting to work with those demanding yet permanent deadlines. Dealing with …

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Why You Need To Reset Your Daily Life By Thinking Of Nothing

Right now, this exact moment is a new experience. This once you approach the next minute by emptying everything out of your mind. This by not thinking, by clearing the slate that’s your rambling thoughts. So don’t think, think of emptiness, think nothing exists. Believe that you know nothing.

Think of empty spaces, realize that everything you know can fit into a pinhead. Believe that everything, your physical body, every mental thought that exists on this earth is weightless, that it’s completely void. Think there’s no substance, that there’s no …

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