Pinterest Going From Your Moms Scrapbook To Web Businesses

how to use a pinterest business accountQuicker than almost any site in Internet history, Pinterest has managed going from an easy and lazy way to post your favorite pics of your dog, or recipes, where you could share images of places, things, and objects that you’d like to display to your friends, to becoming a dominant social medium property geared towards business branding.

Pinterest has recently escalated to being the fourth largest traffic generator on the Internet, and you can easily guess who the other three are. So this is no longer just your Aunt’s favorite social posting network. A picture does indeed tell a million words.

Pinterest as a result is also now taking much more of an active interest in attracting businesses, by they creating easier tools of attraction which are focused on corporate publishing, allowing marketers to improve their strategies and presence on the site.

These new functions range from widgets, to effective display buttons for marketing purposes, which allows everyone to gain maximum usage of the Pinterest platform and their resources.

Pinterest Accepting Your Business Brand
Pinterest is inviting organizations of all types, sizes and shapes to sign up so they can have their own business accounts, or you can convert your existing user account and then change it to a business account.

Once you sign up as a business, doing so gives you as a company access to all their new features, which are designed to make it easier for you to share content with your followers, users, and customers.

Their goal is helping businesses to be able to provide more concise content on their marketing orientated Pinterest profiles, while making it a lot more easier for users to pin and share from the sites.


These new business accounts are tailored and are made suitable for: online retailers, bloggers, publications and publishers, designers, local business, and nonprofit organizations.

A List Of Pinterest’s Latest Features For Business

Using Pinterest’s Widgets And Buttons
Similar to the other major social outlets, such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Pinterest now offers their very own in-house buttons and widgets which you can easily incorporate onto your site.

The services include:
• Profile Widget: So you can display up to 30 of your latest Pinterest pins
• Follow Button: Which invites your customers to follow you or your company
• Pin It Button: Allowing others to easily and quickly “pin” images from your site, making it viral
• Board Widget: Which can display up to 30 of your own favorite board’s latest pins

They allow you to instantly click one or all of these services which provides all of your specifics. They will also give you a preview of what these buttons or widgets will look like, while providing you with the necessary code that you can easily “Copy and Paste” directly on your site.

The Pinterest button and widgets page can be Found Here

Pinterest Verified Identities
What you want is to make sure that:
• Others know who you are, and
• You or your business is who you say you are

This way, imposters can’t attempt to falsely represent you, or ride or jump on your coattails.

So to avoid this from happening, you can use their new website verification process. Proceed by just clicking on the Verify Website button which is found on your Pinterest settings page.

More information on how to verify your site on Pinterest Click Here

Know What’s Working On Pinterest
It’s important as well as being a time saver to know what methods or strategies are currently working on Pinterest, and are proven effective to generate traffic.


So what they’ve done is offer you direct insights on how other sites and businesses are currently using Pinterest as a marketing strategy.

These resources and guidelines include:
• Actual case studies on established sites such as Etsy and AllRecipes, along with others, who’s proven to be successful and viral on Pinterest
• They provide useful guidelines which displays the proper use of Pinterest’s intellectual properties, such as their trademarks and logos etc.
• They give a list of their best recommended practices

Updates On Future Services And Developments
Businesses will also receive updates on any new developments and services which are offered, this so users can plan and alter how to best take advantage of the changes which are introduced by Pinterest. You can then utilize any of these new alterations and changes to your advantage.

Pinterest’s New TOS
With these new tools which are introduced, also comes a new set of “Terms Of Service” conditions which businesses should be aware of.

One of these terms, for instance, is: That you give Pinterest the permission to collect and use the information which is posted by you or your users, as described in their Privacy Policy.

It may be a good idea to review these terms of service in detail, so this way, you or your customers won’t be taken by surprise.
You can read their latest Terms Of Services for businesses Here


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