Ways To Plan The Upcoming Week For Increased Work Productivity

organizing your work weekThe beginning of the work week hits you with a dull ungrateful thud. This when your motivation is at its lowest. You want to sleep longer, as you begin to drown yourself in cups of liquid crank that is coffee. This to jump start the day, and begin a productive week.

The beginning of the work week, we feel sluggish, unmotivated, and don’t feel the least bit inclined to do any type of work. But as the week progresses, what we do is begin to generate energy and actually feel motivated. As Friday rolls around, the cycle continues forward.

So what needs to be implemented are some tried and tested methods of motivation, this to boost productivity once the work week begins, bright and early Monday morning.

There are certain habits to employ which will inject the will to work. Some will rely on technology, but the most effective methods of improving this productivity, remains a well planned process.

Find A Routine
Most have a bad day once they’re knocked off their routine. They can’t do the things they’re accustomed to, so things go haywire.

Things get out of sorts, confusion arises. You then appear disorganized as you fail to return emails or phone calls, and become disheveled.

Traveling on a business trip for instance, will throw some off, this because their usual routines are disrupted, forcing them to become less productive.

What having a routine does is aligns your entire day effectively. Once you structure your sleep and exercising, while eating precisely, what you’ll then notice is how incredibly productive and efficient you become.

Know The Two “2 Minute Rules”
There are two methods known as the “2 Minute Rule,” this to avoid procrastination, while the other finds out if something’s worth doing or not.

The first rule is that if you can finish a task, any waiting task such as making a phone call or replying to an email. If you can do it in 2 minutes, then do it.

The second rule is if you start a task, and you get by the first 2 minutes of your time doing it, then you should finish the task in its entirety.

The idea being if it’s worthy enough for you to spend the first 2 minutes doing something, then fight the procrastination, and continue to complete it.

Start With The Most Difficult Tasks First
One of the worst feelings you can have which resides in the pit of your stomach, and then progresses into a headache, is knowing you need to do something that’s difficult to do.

This can be a variety of things such as meeting with your boss to ask for a raise, or making that sales presentation sometime during the day, this in front of the board.

So if at all possible, try to schedule the most difficult tasks to do, the first thing in the morning. What getting it out of the way does is allows you to relax more and get back to your routine the rest of the day, which will prove to be more productive.

Try Sleeping On It
You have a difficult issue to resolve, a tough decision to make. If you’re wanting to do the right thing, to find the best solution, this anytime you’re faced with making the proper move, then sleep on it overnight if possible.

What having that rest will do, is help in ensuring that you’re making the best most logical decision. What happens far too often is making irrational choices, this based on flaring emotions, which you’ll usually regret, or pay for later.


What’s difficult is reversing the damage that you make or it can become more costly, this by reacting impulsively. So dwell on your particular dilemma by sleeping on it, and then choose to make the right decision, as you’ll most likely be rewarded for it.

Write Everything Down
Some have a notepad glued to them as they’re constantly writing things down. This could be brilliant ideas, things to do, people to phone, articles or books you need to read.

Then constantly be reviewing everything thing you jot down. Some will make no sense, while others will serve as vital reminders on keeping your life in order, as it’s usually information you wouldn’t have retained.

So anytime that genius happens to strike you, make sure that you grab your notepad and scribble it down.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Of Bad Habits
There is an exception to the 2 minute rule when it comes to bad habits such as social media. Once you spend your first two minutes on Facebook, then you’re more than likely to spend an hour trolling.

So plan your day and then stick to it, this by staying disciplined on your “To-Do” list for the day. Choose to remain in your lane, and never stray towards all the distractions of not doing work.

Learn to stop obsessively clicking onto your various social media accounts, and you’ll magically regain time back to resume the work you’re being paid for. Also realize there are ways the IT department can record your computer usage during work hours.

Reserve Some Time To Plan Your Life
What many lead is an extremely hectic life, as their home and working world begins to cave in on them, which creates a sense of becoming overwhelmed.

Between working the job, raising the kids, usually leaves no time for yourself. There’s only you to blame for allowing things to get out of hand, while a concise schedule makes you more productive.

So what becomes important is to reserve a few hours per week, perhaps Sunday evening, this to focus on your short and long-term goals. What setting priorities does is establishes a sense of purpose.

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