Ways To Protect Your Finances From Any Economic Downturn

There’s always some news of doom and gloom in the economy, and for some, the current conditions will send chills down the spine of those who fail to save. The goal is to achieve financial freedom in life, this to protect oneself from these types of unforeseen circumstances.

No news is good news. If there’s any major news that breaks, it’s usually bad. Once you hear anything regarding the plunging economy, what you first think of is the safe welfare of you and your family.

You wonder if you have …

How To Increase Personal Power To Gain Mental Strength

To become successful in whatever you do, what’s required is having your own personal mental faculties and attitude set firmly in place. Your personal mental issues need to be solved, before you can go out and tackle any pursuit you’re wanting to, in the big bad world out there.

It begins with having your emotional intelligence in check, so personal adjustments won’t be required when challenged by the external environment.

Your attitude needs to be well adjusted, so you’ll react appropriately to whatever task you’re faced with in life, society …

The 5 Stages Of Soul Development Which Reveals Your True Age

This isn’t based on how old you are in human years or when or where you were born, but at what stage your universal soul is currently at. A measurement, a destination where many want to reach is being an old soul, which is a level of revisitation.

This process follows the same basic life span stage, any living organism would go through in its life.

An organism which begins life as an infant, and progresses itself into the various stages of youth towards adult maturity.

At each level, what …

10 External Forces How The Environment Can Shorten Your Life

Our body can be reactive to a lot of issues such as behaviour, temperature, gravitation, medical and scientific forces. There’s extreme cold, heat, pressure, and other forces why the body physically reacts, which can be different for people in various situations.

There are some who can handle extreme cold wintry temperatures, while others can tolerate extreme heat. Physical pain which can be fatal for some but not others.

10. G-Force Acceleration

When there’s extreme G force vertically on the human body, things can go haywire, especially if the force level …

Take The Leap To Tap Into Your Higher Self For Inner Wisdom

All we see lately is pain in the world around us. What we see are unforgivable events we want to heal or alter somehow. What we want is to help those in despair, to make a contribution. The majority of these issues however, in the conspiracy ridden world we live in, appears futile.

Most of these are beyond our control, to influence or to change. But there is one thing we can change, and that’s our relationship with ourselves.

This by taking a look within, moving closer to the truth …