Why Most Stumble In The Pursuit Of Financial Freedom

What school teaches us is education about the world. Every facet of existence is discovered, graduating us to become a fully fledged adult human being, designated to survive. It lays down the ground rules, teaches us how to reform our personality, maximize aptitude, all to fit into society.

Then the cord is cut, and we’re released into the uncertain volatile world out there.

What education fails to teach, is how to gain financial independence. How to earn, learn wealth management, invest, and save for retirement.

As a result, reaching financial …

Reasons Why Some Are Not Able To Get Financially Wealthy

why some never get richOnce we reach the age of majority is when our focus turns to earning a living. Some will shoot for the stars and want to become wealthy, earning beyond their expectations. Becoming “rich,” financial pursuit however, means different things to different people.

So this the great chase, when one wants to become rich, try as they might, will just spin their cranks. Are there personal issues holding them back, do they think the great divine isn’t allowing them to get wealthy. Are they cursed and doomed to a life of …

True Financial Freedom Comes Down To Consumption Or Investing

when time becomes moneyThe road to wealth management, the accumulation of assets, investing and saving comes down to a few traits. These are choices, mostly derived from trial and error, actions which you hoped you knew sooner. The very reason why financial freedom eludes the majority.

Becoming financially sufficient is thought as one of the most important goals in life, but yet is rarely attained. Know that there’s no magic formula for attaining this success. But there are immediate choices that you can make which can alter the path to freedom.

When we’re …

How The Financial Markets Feed On Your Fear And Greed Ways To Stop The Madness

trying to make the right financial decisionSome love crunching numbers, while others just despise it. One thing that “numbers” do however is that they act as the final indicator when we have to make a decision.

Numbers stand as the final resolution, the final tipping point for the majority of what we do or don’t do. For instance, if something that we want to purchase costs too much, if that final figure is too high, then we don’t buy it.

Calculating numbers become a necessity of life until they begin to fail us. Once that happens, …

Know What You Can And Cannot Control About Your Money

awomanworriedaboutherfinancesLife as you know has a way of pushing, prodding and then pulling us around. It will unexpectedly throw us curve balls including our job uncertainties, twists in our dreams, our health and our finances because of the fluctuating economy.

Then add the impact which the media has on influencing our decisions along with the multitude of distractions which steers our every day existence. All of these factors waver us in different directions making it extremely difficult to have any sense of control.

So it’s no wonder that we surround …