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The video games console sector which is dominated by the Big Three, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, is still proving and remains as an incredibly ultra hot market segment. There is always that new feel buzz and anticipation that surrounds the latest and greatest hardware release or a software offering. So if you’re considering getting down to playing some video games, then read the following reviews which describes the various major models and their features that are currently available.


Nintendo Wii Gaming Console
The Nintendo Wii gaming console was originally introduced in 2006 when it offered an unique style of video based gaming that attracted players of all different age groups and backgrounds. It wowed those who were new to playing video games and involved them in all different kinds of virtual based activities with its wireless controller which was motion detected.

The popularity and its subsequent following of Nintendo’s gaming console has grown significantly, as Nintendo recently announced that they had sold close to 80 million of their units worldwide. The focus of the the Wii are games that are fun, easy to play party based family games. Nintendo has successfully targeted and attracted a completely new demographic of gamer junkies than its major competitors has, and as a result, has appealed to a large following of consumers of every age group. They have won over and made fans and users of a completely new segment of traditional non-gamers.

The Nintendo Wii also offers a wide range of channels which are available when connected to the Web. These channels include an exclusive internet channel, a news and weather channel, a shopping channel, along with downloadable content.

The original classic Nintendo characters has continued to be a success on Wii, with the famous Mario character titles, which includes Mario Kart Wii as well as the Super Mario Galaxy games, has been household hits and favorites for decades.

Alongside these popular titles, Nintendo has also released Wii Fit, which comes complete with a Balance Board and an exercise game which is aimed towards improving a user’s physical fitness through participating in various activities including aerobics and yoga.


There’s also the highly anticipated gaming titles that users of the Wii can expect. These include video games such as Mario Sports Mix and The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo has also recently had a successful launch and release from their latest DS development kitchen, which was the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS is a portable handheld game console that’s able to create 3D based images without the need for 3D glasses. It has created quite the buzz upon it’s release.

• The Nintendo Wii is a user friendly console that’s suitable for the entire family
• The games will appeal to those who has never played a video game before
• The Nintendo 3DS offers 3D gaming without the need to wear glasses
• Nintendo Wii Fit appeals to the fitness buff, offering exercise games on it’s console

Microsoft Xbox 360 Gaming Console
Microsoft’s video game console the Xbox 360, has firmly established itself as one of the top popular gaming consoles that’s available on the market, with million upon millions of the hardware gaming consoles sold. The MS Xbox 360 also has one of the most popular and the largest online networks of gamers online with their Xbox Live service, which now has over 25 million members in their database with over 10 million of those who are Gold Members.

The immense popularity of the Microsoft Xbox Live Service is really no surprise based on the outstanding features that’s offered on the service. The members who are on the Xbox Live free service are able to use voice chat, upload their avatars as well as download content, the gamers on the Gold membership allows the members to watch demand TV live with Sky Player. Gold members can also participate in their party system, which offers users to play games as well as watch movies while displaying their gamer cards, showing their player’s reputation as well as their recent gaming activity.

The Video game titles which are exclusive to the Microsoft Xbox 360 are the Halo series, in which the latest Halo: Reach sold well over $200 Million worldwide on its first day of availability alone. Other current hot selling exclusive titles include Alan Wake, (TIME Magazine’s top video game of the year), the highly acclaimed puzzle Limbo and Mass Effect 2, a popular sci-fi action based sequel.

The latest addition to Microsoft and their successful 360 gaming family is the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox, which has a built-in motion sensor allowing the player virtual “game play” without the use or need of a handheld controller. The sensor operates through one’s body movements and speech.

There are expected to be some popular games available for the Kinect shortly; a Michael Jackson game, a Star Wars game just to name a few. The popular Gears of War 3 is expected for the Xbox 360 shortly as well.

• There is a large popular Xbox Live service that has over 25 million members worldwide
• Gold Members of the Xbox 360 are able to watch Sky Player as well as taking part in their popular game and/or movie parties
• There is no need for the use of handheld controllers with the new Kinect for Xbox, as it’s speech and motion activated when engaging with the games

Sony’s Playstation 3 Gaming Console
Back in 2007, Sony introduced their Playstation 3 game console and has since experienced immense popularity and success. With millions of the Playstation units sold throughout the world, Sony’s flagship gaming console not only offers their users excellent high definition visuals, but it also has a built in Blu-ray player as well.


Some of the online features of this console includes the popular Playstation Network, which gives members online gaming options to a lot of their popular titles, along with direct access to their Facebook page and Netflix, the video streaming site. The Sony Playstation Store allows the movies to be purchased directly online, as well as purchasing and then downloading additional information or material for games.

The Sony Playstation 3 also has a built-in Wi-Fi connection that allows the unit to be able to link up to a Sony PSP. This will give the game players the option of controlling their PS3 with a PSP or even transferring content between the two devices.

Some of the more popular gaming titles for the Playstation includes FIFA 11, which is the best selling sports game of all time. Sony has also found success in a variety of other popular titles which are exclusive only to the PS3. One of them is Grand Turismo 5, which is a car racing game that has sold over 6 million copies worldwide upon it’s release. There’s also the intense action packed adventure thriller Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, as well as the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain, which is a cinematic psychological based thriller, considered one of the most exciting games ever offered by PS3.

• The Sony Playstation 3 has a built in Blu-ray player
• The Sony Network has a large range of online games available
• The Sony Playstation Store allows consumers the opportunity to buy HD games as well as Netflix movies directly online
• Offers interactive involved gaming with Playstation Move

One of the most recent developments that Sony has made with the PS3 is the introduction of Playstation Move. The Playstation Move is a body motion sensor controller which uses Playstation’s Eye camera to track as well as mimic the game players exact movements on screen. There are also new anticipated gaming titles such as Twisted Metal, Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 3 which are major hits.

There are also rumors of a possible release of a new (PSP) PlayStation Portable in the near future. So there are many who feel that now is a great time to purchase one of Sony’s gaming entertainment systems.

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