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An alarm system for your home is now a needed necessity to protect your house, possessions and your family members from unwanted intruders, fires or natural disasters. According to recent statistics, there are more than 2 million break ins that occur each year in the United States, and over 55% of them occur in residential homes in good neighborhoods.

When you’re looking for a good home alarm system, as there are a variety of different types of systems available, make sure you get a few different quotes from the various companies out there. Many home owners will usually just look for the most economical alarm system to protect their home. It doesn’t matter what size your home is, whether it’s a large three story home or just a small one-room apartment, protection is a necessity. An alarm system will provide you with peace of mind and the feeling of safety while you are on vacation, or when you’re sleeping at night or away at work.

The Different Types Of Alarm Systems Available
One type of alarm will work to detect any unusual motion from an unwanted intruder when the alarm is activated. Another type will detect any changes of temperature in a specific room, to protect from potential fires. Regardless of what type of alarm system you install, it will notify anyone in the immediate surrounding area, your neighbors, the monitoring center or the police of the security breach.

When initially looking for an alarm system, you should first know and consider the different components of a home alarm system. First, it should have a main control panel, which is the main power source. There should be a keypad to allow the homeowner or the security company to either deactivate the alarm system or to activate it when leaving your house. Depending on the specific type of alarm system, it may have sensitive contacts on all the doors and windows, as well as motion, temperature detectors and glass, window break sensors.

One of the best features of an alarm system is that it can be monitored by an outside monitoring center, which acts as a backup system. This allows the alarm system to be your ‘eyes and ears’ 24/7, especially if the phone lines happen to lose electricity or they are cut by an intruder. The best part of these alarm systems is that they will offer excellent protection in the event of a fire. Sophisticated systems also offer video surveillance as well as detecting the difference between your dog and a possible burglar.

Keep in mind once your home alarm system is installed, there may be additional fees associated with the maintenance and monitoring of the system. For example: ADT, one of the larger and most popular home alarm system providers available, a home system consisting of: one touch pad, one indoor sounder, one motion detector, two window/door sensors and a button for manually notifying either the police or the fire station in case of an emergency, will cost you several hundred dollars, which includes installation and there will be a monthly monitoring fee of around $30.


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