Welcome To The New Economy Which Is Working From Home

Imagine starting your new work day from home, sipping a cup of freshly ground coffee as you turn on your laptop. Gone are the days of traffic jams, people hurriedly going in every direction, pushing and shoving on the subway, battling their way to the job.

You’re glad you made the shift to work from home, where the workforce is trending anyways, especially in the new economy we now live in.

The business world is now downsizing as everything can now be performed online, with routes such as e-commerce, affiliate …

9 Traits Of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

There are many who despises their current job or have just recently lost it, so their sights are set on becoming an entrepreneur. Many are taking the leap to becoming self employed, to start their own business. This is easier said than done, as the statistics for failure remain staggering.

Successful entrepreneurs who can ditch employment it’s found, is a rare species of individual.

What the majority doesn’t have is what it takes, so the key becomes narrowing down its traits.

What’s known is there’s a refined set of characteristics, …

Requisites To Escape The Rat Race And Become Your Own Boss

What we learn early in life is structure, this from school. We get conditioned to the routine 9-to-3 which sets us up for a life of working for a living as adults. Because of this, not everyone is capable of becoming entrepreneurs to earn a living.

What the majority needs is routine, the predictability and the security, of a regular job and paycheck.

So the majority, will devote their lives to the traditional 9-to-5 grind, the workforce, and comply to the employer/employee relationship.

Most prefer to receive direction from their …

For All You Over Achievers Signs That You’re Working Too Hard

not working as hardThis is your life, you have numerous projects on the go with deadlines rapidly closing in. It’s your contribution, your input that’s needed, and if you don’t oblige, then things will come to a crashing halt, this if you fail to deliver and not fulfill your duties.

You work these long massive hours, you don’t bother to delegate any of the tasks to others, or ask for time extensions. What you’re proud of however is that you’re always able to get the work completed. But as a result, you hardly …

The Advantages Of The Virtual Workplace Work Anywhere Anytime

working at home as a virtual workplaceThere are now a growing number of companies who are encouraging their employees to just stay at home and work, or stay out on the road, or station themselves at a customers site. These types of Virtual Workplace assignments have skyrocketed in the past few years, due primarily to the cost savings. It’s now estimated that at least 12% of the entire North American workforce now works out of the office.

This adaptation is over 3X times more than it was just a decade ago. The trend is obviously expected …