9 Most Common Dreams And What They Symbolize

5. Dreams Of Getting Or Being Lost

having dreams of being lost
What some dream of is constantly being or getting lost, such as in a forest or a maze, which can symbolize that you feel you don’t fit in with your current social circumstances in life in general. Or that your current reality, is filled with frustration and anxiety.

What getting lost can also imply, is that you’re searching for someone or something. You may of just recently moved to a new place or found a new job, and are having difficulty adapting or adjusting, and feel a bit out of place. It could also mean that you’re having difficulty, making a major life decision.

4. You Dream That You’re Famous Or Are A Celebrity

you dream that you're famous or a celebrity
Dreaming about being famous, means that what you admire are those who are already famous, such as a celebrity. The attention that you’re garnering in your dream, makes you feel important. You might dream of being around, or hanging out with famous movie stars or sports heroes that you admire.

Symbolically, what this may mean, is that what you’re craving for is more attention, or you’re wanting a higher social status in real life. This behavior can be related to having a low self esteem, so the remedy could be finding new friends who appreciates you more.

3. Dreams Of Being Chased

dreams of being chased
What some will dream of, is being chased by someone or something. It could be an animal, another person, or something mythical. What being chased implies, is that you’re running away from a pressing issue, or someone you may be afraid of.

If you’re being chased by another human, it will usually be someone that you already know. So realize the reason why you’re being chased. You will then begin to understand the reason why you’re trying to escape. Once you resolve this, this particular dream should go away.

2. Dreams That You Have No Clothes On

dreams that you have no clothes on
There are some who will dream of themselves being in their birthday suit, no clothes on, in public. This can be because you might be completely embarrassed of who you are, or it can also mean that you’re extremely proud of yourself, so you like to exhibit. If you dream of being naked, you might be revealing a secret desire of being “exposed” some how.


It might be related to a wish of being more open and inviting, which may also lead you to feeling vulnerable and helpless. It’s seldom, that dreaming of yourself being naked makes you feel comfortable. If you feel happiness however, you re confident about your body.

1. Dreams That You’re Falling Or Sinking

dreams that you're falling or sinking
You suddenly wake up maybe in a sweat, when dreaming of falling endlessly. Dream analysts believe that the individual who’s experiencing the sensation of falling, is either depressed and that their life is spinning out of control, or that they’re moving in the wrong direction.

Something in their life may currently be in turmoil, such as their career, finances or a relationship. What this falling symbolizes is that you the dreamer may of lost support from someone, or are hopelessly trapped, this in a situation where the wrong decision may of been made, or is completely out of your control.

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